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The Department of Design, Housing, and Apparel at the University of Minnesota with key sponsorship from the American Society of Interior Design set out
to bring to life an extensive
research based web initiative.

Originally named the Online Database for Design and Human Behavior Research. The new name and image development were to reflect the mission of the initiative, as well as communicate the un-matched breadth of knowledge that would be available to users
of the site.

Definition & Development
Our solutions focused on the initiativeís goal to build the body of knowledge that identifies interior design and related fields, while
at the same time beginning to identify gaps in knowledge that exist. The development was to accommodate the needs of the practitioner and the researcher.

The deliverables from Tunnel Studio included the naming of
the initiative, identity develop-ment, web site design integration, and a supporting business system.

The creative solution for the
site was simplified, bold, and approachable from an aesthetic,
as well as a functional, point of view. This site showcased a highly valued out-come in web site development: a successful
balance between site design
and functionality.